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Under the protection of privacy, this section aims to inform you about the use of cookies on our platform.

The website you visit is using tracers (cookies). Most of them enable us to collect anonymous data on the use of our platform which help us to personalize and continually improve your user experience.


A cookie is an information placed on your hard disk by the server site you visit.

It contains several data :

  • The name of the server that filed
  • An identifier under the shape of a unique number
  • Possibly an expiration date

A simple text file in your computer is often enough to store the information which can easily be read and recorded by a server.



These are the cookies deposited in your browser by Opera Musica. These allow us to

  • recognize an Internet user from a visit to another thanks to unique identifier
  • memorize your preferences


These are cookies deposited by external services to Opera Musica :

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies record information about users’ web browsing. These are able to define the centers of interests of the users and to follow their course on the website. They allow companies to customize the advertising that will appear depending on the actions performed on the visited website but also on other sites using the same advertising agency.

The sharing buttons of the social networks (“Like” on facebook, “+1” on Google, etc.) will allow us to follow you on the same manner and to offer targeted advertising.

Social network cookies

They are generated by the social network sharing buttons when collecting personal data without consent of the people concerned.

Example : The button “Like” on Facebook, Twitter or “+1” on Google. When visiting a web page including such a button the social network can associate this visualization to your profile, even you don’t click on the button and are not connected on this network! In this way, the social network can thus adapt its advertising compared to the sites you’ve visited and suggest “groups” tailored to your interests deducted from your internet browsing. It can also offer you to become a fan of the web page you most visit.

The audience measurement cookies

They help to generate anonymous statistics.

This information is analyzed by our teams. It allows to determine the use and the performances of our website and to improve its interest and the usability of the services.

Main third cookies
Name of the cookie Function
_ga Statistics : Google Analytics
_gat Statistics : Google Analytics


By default, your browser accept cookies : at every moment you can choose to disable them.

You will find solutions to manage and disable cookies associated with advertising on this platform at this address :

In another section of this website, you will find solutions to change your browser :

You can also view the help page specific to the browser you use :